I’m Writing a Book

It’s true!  I am writing a PCOS book.

A String of Pearls is part memoir, part resource, part encouragement for any woman who finds herself with a PCOS diagnosis. My reason for writing is to effectively share my perspective, thoughts, and successes of how I overcame the emotional aspects of more than two decades of life with PCOS.

I’d like to include your story too!  

I’m looking for women who found solutions to various PCOS symptoms such as infertility, male pattern baldness, weight issues, anxiety or depression. If you have a unique or specific treatment that solved any PCOS-related health problem, please share your story with me.  Simply shoot me an email (found on my contacts page) with the title PCOS Story in the subject line.  If it is something I can include in my book, I’ll contact you with further details.

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