PCOS Websites


PCOS Diva:  Certified health coach Amy Medling is the PCOS Diva. Her website is an extensive resource filled with education, motivation and support for women with PCOS. She collects and shares the latest research with her followers, as well as reviews products women with PCOS might be interested in trying. Additionally, she offers recipes, menu plans, personal health coaching, and a store with excellent supplements designed to help women with PCOS thrive.

Lara Briden’s Healthy Hormone Blog: Author of Period Repair Manual, Lara Briden is a naturopathic doctor working in Australia. She has more than 20 years of experience in helping women take control of their hormonal issue using natural treatments such as diet, natural supplements, herbal mediations and bio-identical hormones.

Soul Cysters: Women with PCOS Speak from the Heart: Soul Cysters is an extensive website of information about PCOS ranging from diagnosis basics to the latest research and journal articles. Videos, recipes and personal stories will help “Cysters” gain insight into treating PCOS, as well as find motivation, encouragement, and help for the on-going process. Additionally, there is a very active forum on this website.

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